Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Day Tours Holiday Packages  Training for Families Training for Groups  Private Charters and Corporates in Queensland & Australia

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling Tours & Adventures for All Ages and Experience Levels

Immerse yourself in Queensland’s underwater paradise. Glide through beautiful coral reefs, observing and interacting with Australia’s diverse marine life.

Spend a day, weekend or longer scuba diving or snorkelling at some of Australia’s most breathtaking dive sites

Diverseaty Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Tours Queensland invites YOU to take the plunge.

Offering custom tours and holiday packages, Diverseaty’s scuba diving and snorkelling adventures or training lessons deliver the ultimate bonding experience for friends, family and corporate groups.


Whether you’re an experienced diver or your only training has been in a bathtub with a pair of goggles and rubber duck, our tours accommodate for all! Beginners to advanced, young to old- everyone is encouraged to come along.

Access to the latest and greatest scuba diving and snorkelling services and tours designed to suit you, your needs and budget.

From dive day tours to holiday scuba diving and snorkelling packages, Diverseaty is well known for providing the complete service and adventure experience (and scuba training or snorkelling training if needed).

Our great escape scuba diving and snorkelling tours are perfect for families with children aged ten and up, mums and dads who have no previous scuba diving experience right up to the hardcore advanced scuba diver or snorkeller.

Why choose Diverseaty Scuba Dive & Snorkelling tours?

We provide you with multiple dive (and snorkel) sites within the one package, fully hosted from start to finish.

Most scuba tour services provide the same old scuba dive sites, tours and packages to you. Great Barrier Reef? Psssh, been there, done that.

Want to arrange a private dive tour? Look no further. Call us now on <contact phone number> to find out more about our private scuba diving and snorkelling tours for a day, weekend or longer for you and your friends.

Out on the road for a classic Aussie family holiday road trip? If your kids are ten or older, a Diverseaty scuba or snorkel adventure is a great way to share another experience together that you’ll all remember for a lifetime!

Our family scuba dive and snorkelling packages are safe, affordable and appropriate whether you and your family are well-practised, or have never touched a pair of diving fins in your life.


Travelling as a group together is a lot more a lot more fun. It also saves you time, energy and money because you don’t have to make your own way to each dive destination and you’ll be travelling with like-minded people.

You can team up with a dive (or snorkel) buddy (if needed), so you can all tick off the most amazing experience off your bucket list together.

Holding a conference? Want to congratulate your employee/s for a job well done or say thank you to that high profile client? Diverseaty Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Tours Queensland are renowned for our range of corporate dive and snorkel tours, tailor-made to suit you and your company. They’re a big success with anyone you send on one!

Our impeccable safety record and years of experience speak for itself. Diverseaty’s scuba diving and snorkelling tours, packages and training have for many years delivered unparalleled experiences to families, corporates, advanced divers and groups. Adventure, wonder & excitement under the sea has never been so fun, easy or affordable.

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